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Kasel Engineering's Scrolling Message Weight Correction System

  The Patented Kasel Engineering scrolling message correction system is a revolutionary method of bacon package weight correction.

The automated LED message display uses scale information to show the  operator how many slices a particular package requires to make weight.

The LED display scrolls the correction at the same speed as the package is moving down the conveyor, allowing the operator to quickly identify a package and the amount of correction.

Overall product flow is greatly improved with this automated visual correction system.

The computer inside the scale has programming that monitors each correction and adjusts marginal package corrections to maintain the absolute minimum giveaway within USDA package weight guidelines.

Since the correction value on the LED screen shows the number of slices a package needs in order to be correct, the amount of time and people required to correct is greatly reduced.

The largest benefit of this patented system is the ability to correct low weight packages with formerly scrap first and last draft slices, which greatly increases the top grade yield of the product mix.


With all these benefits, you may just want to:

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