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For new customers currently on a slicer control lease, we are offering our non leased controls for a very special price.
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  Comparison of the Cost for Bacon Slicer Controls

over a Five Year Period

  Scenario #1 - Other Weighing system on Lease

-Lease cost: $21,800 Per Year, Lease Term: Five years

  Total Cost for Leased System for Five Years: $109,000
  Scenario #2 - Kasel Weighing System

-For matters of comparison, say it is bought over a five year period through a leasing company.

  Total Cost for a Kasel weighing system over five years: $60,774
  Cost Savings of Using a Kasel Weighing System: $48,225
       If $21,800 was paid toward the kasel system, it would be paid for in two and one half years, after which you would be saving $21,800 per year for as long as you had the machine.

After 10 years, the cost to have leased your weighing system rises to $218,000 while the Kasel weighing system remains at $60,774. This is a difference of $157,226 or approximately the cost of one Kasel bacon line.



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