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For new customers currently on a slicer control lease, we are offering our non leased controls for a very special price.
Kasel Engineering is proud to serve its customers in any way possible.

In addition to providing the highest quality equipment, We are dedicated to providing continuous support and upgrades to make our products the best they can be.

NON-Leased Control Systems.

       The Comp-U-Slice control system is highly versatile, and can control most variations of slicers, using the motors and drives that are currently in place.In addition, it can control most updated motors and drives, should it be needed.

     Our rugged board, combined with our simple user interface, high performance, and no high priced lease, add up to a winning combination that will keep saving money year after year.

     The digital controls allow you to customize the programming to suit you individual needs as a company.

System Includes:    
- Slicer Control Board -

- Bacon Scale Assembly -

- Touchscreen Interface -

Slicer Control Board    
       The main control board is the heart of the control system.

     The board's flexible design allows it to be upgraded with updated software, as well as updated hardware while only requiring minimal changes, like a plugin board change.

     The rugged SMT components allow the board to stand up to harsh vibration. To date, there have been zero hardware failures of our main board.

     Even changing from a linear transducer to a load cell weighing system can be done with only an updated attachment board

Bacon Scale Assembly    
       The bacon scale assembly, shown seprately from its stainless enclosure, now features our exclusive load cell technology. The new load cell completely eliminates several components like the linear transducer, and the dashpot.

     With fewer moving components, there is little chance for a bind to exist.

     The load cell is overload protected so well that the scale would have to fail before the load cell would need replaced.

Touchscreen Interface    
       The touchscreen panel is very durable, as well as cleanable. It provides simple repeatable results due to its digital nature.

     The Touchscreen menus allow for ease of adjustment and one touch product changeovers. Setup screens are protected using passwords.

     Each screen is designed to yield maximum information about what the system is doing at that point, and all variables can be easily adjusted.

     This system has many great benefits that just seem to add up over time, like:    
 -no more pots that are cumbersome to adjust

   -no more contaminated dash pots or sensor adjustment

   -never having bacon scale read the wrong weight, since our system automatically zeros itself

   -all inputs entered through one easy to use screen


   -more powerful scale head motor, that costs less to replace than to rebuild a current scale head motor

   -watertight NEMA4 electrical enclosures

   -zero control hardware failures to date



See a cost comparison here 

With all these benefits, you may just want to:

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